Day Retreat

What are the benefits of a Day retreat at OLF?

Day retreats are intentionally crafted to provide an integrated experience of 

faith, fun, and fellowship for your class, youth group, athletic team or adult group. 

All talks and activities are designed to encourage groups to step out of their comfort zones, 

and exercise their mental, physical, and spiritual muscles as they discover

 the qualities of excellent teamwork, virtuous leadership, and true friendship.


What is an example of a Winter Day Retreat schedule?

Day 1

8:30 am Student Arrival

8:40 am Opening Talk

9:05 am Program 1 – Numbers Game

9:55 am Program 2 – Low Ropes

10:45 am Program 3- Indoor Conglomeration

11:35 am Lunch

12:10 pm Program 4 – Climbing Tower

1:00 pm Program 5 – Zion Games

1:55 pm Closing Debrief Talk

2:30 pm Students Depart

Please call us at (248) 379-0943
to talk about planning your day retreat!

We can’t wait to help your youth grow
closer to Christ and closer to each other!

fire up the fun and fellowship