Paradeisos Retreat

~What is a Paradeisos Retreat?~

From Greek, paradeisos means “a park; paradise, the garden of Eden.”


What do parks, paradise and the Garden of Eden have in common? 

They are beautiful natural spaces where man is able to walk with God.


Paradeisos retreats are more prayer intensive and reflective, 

going back to the foundation of our relationship with the Lord. 


The name of the retreat is inspired by the natural beauty of Our Lady of the Field’s property,
and aids participants in experiencing how the Lord sees his children, as Adam and Eve once did in the Garden of Eden.

What is an example of an Paradeisos schedule?

Day 1


5:00pm Arrival 

5:15pm Talk

5:30pm Dinner

6:15pm Icebreaker

6:45pm Talk

7:30pm Small groups

8:30pm Reflection walk

9:00pm Confession

10:30pm Lights out


Day 2


8:00am Wake up

8:30am Breakfast

9:15am Talk

10:00am Small groups

10:45am Activity

11:15 Reflection

12:00pm Lunch

12:45pm High Ropes 

4:00pm Showers/Snacks

4:45pm Talk

5:30pm Small groups

6:15pm Dinner

7:00pm Activity

7:45pm Talk

8:30pm Small Groups

9:45pm Special Reflection Walk

10:30pm Back to cabins


Day 3 

8:00am Wake up, pack up

8:30am Breakfast

9:15am Activity

10:00am Walk to chapel

10:30am Mass

11:30am Talk in chapel

12:15pm Walk to Mess Hall

12:45pm Lunch

1:15pm Small groups 

2:00pm Debrief

2:30pm Parent pick up


Please call us at (248) 379-0943
to talk about planning your Paradeisos retreat!

We can’t wait to help your youth grow
closer to Christ and closer to each other!

fire up the fun and fellowship