Confirmation Retreats
Confirmation is a vital stage in the spiritual life of our youth

 yet it’s solemnity is not impressed upon the youth through catechesis alone. The relationship that must be developed with the Holy Spirit for confirmandi to be prepared for the sacrament needs to be experienced outside of a classroom and text book. 

This is where a retreat at Our Lady of the Fields really stands out.

At OLF, our confirmation retreat activities and talks are specifically geared towards aiding
confirmandi to be courageous and develop their relationship with the Holy Spirit.

What is an example of an Overnight Winter Confirmation schedule?

Day 1


9:00 am Students arrive


9:15 am Cabin move in


9:30 am Opening Talk


10:00 am Program 1- Low ropes


11:15 am Program 2 – Numbers game


12:45 am Lunch


1:30 pm Program 3 – Pool Noodles


2:30 pm Program 4 – Zion Games



3:30 pm Program 5 – Indoor Conglomeration


4:45 pm Walk to Chapel


5:00 pm Mass


6:30 pm Dinner


7:30 pm Praise & Worship Adoration


9:00 pm Program 6- Indoor Blind Maze


10:00 pm Night Prayer


11:00 pm Bedtime


Day 2


7:45 am Wake up


8:30 am Breakfast


9:00 am Talk


9:35 am Program 1- Zipper


10:25 am Program 2- Levitating Chairs




11:30 am- Cabin clean up


12:00 pm Lunch


12:30 pm Closing Talk


1:00 pm Departure

Please call us at (248) 379-0943
to talk about planning your next Confirmation retreat!

We can’t wait to help your youth grow
closer to Christ and closer to each other!

fire up the fun and fellowship