Thank you for your interest in Our Lady of the Fields Camp & Retreat Center! We’re really glad you’re checking us out!

Who are we?

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We are a Family Retreat Center

Our Lady of the Fields is a Family Retreat Center. We offer a weekend session for Fathers & Sons and one for Mothers & Daughters. These sessions provide parents and children with the opportunity to experience camp together and build a stronger bond between them. Of course, all of these activities are based on and surrounded by our Catholic faith and commitment to worship.

We are a Catholic Youth Group Retreat Center for Teens

We are also a Catholic youth group retreat center for teens. If you and your family are involved at a local parish, you’re probably familiar with their teen youth group. Participation in such groups at church is a great way for young people to discover themselves and how to relate to the community around them. Service activities, retreats, encounters, and deep group discussions: these are all excellent chances for your teen to grow in their faith. We at Our Lady of the Fields Camps partner with local parishes to provide all of these experiences (and more!) at our conveniently-located facility. It’s a truly wonderful escape from all the pressures of the outside world.

Our Community’s History

A unique characteristic of our camp is our origin as a Chaldean Catholic retreat facility. Our grounds were purchased from the City of Detroit in 2007 by Shamaya Kassab as a haven for people to pray and spiritually grow in their faith. Since that time, the camp has been used as a place for family reunions, church activities, and starting in 2015, as a youth camp for Chaldean children.

In 2018, the board of directors hired Michael Hickey, a long-time Catholic camp director and high school theology teacher in Michigan, to take the reins of camp leadership with a mission to expand the camp’s footprint in our state. For a wonderful and more detailed accounting of this story, please read this article written by Vanessa Denha Garmo in the Chaldean News.

Embracing the Future

Starting in 2019, Our Lady of the Fields Camps opened its doors wide to welcome all people who are looking to grow closer to God and deepen their faith. Our roots in the loving and faithful Chaldean community have given OLF a deep and dynamic character. We are grateful to our founders for their vision and hard work. Their guiding influence was and still is today the rock upon which we have built our growing organization.

Will you join us?

We all know that raising a healthy family is a real challenge. However, this process can be made just a little bit easier by surrounding ourselves with positive, caring, and loving people who share the same core values as we do. Our Lady of the Fields Camps can be one such place to serve your family. Please, give us a call and discover all that we have to offer!