What is “Blast Camp”?

The Origins of a Truly Innovative Name…

While it’s tempting to think that longer stays are better when it comes to summer sleep-away camps”, we at OLF prefer to accentuate the positive about a quick trip. Therefore, we are calling our 4 Day / 3 Night camping session “Blast Camp”.

Why “Blast Camp”? Well, trying to pack all our exciting programming into 4 short days is like the “Blast” of energy produced during lift-off of a rocketship!

We also like to think that when our campers are asked how they liked their stay at OLF, they will respond with something like, “I had a Blast!”

Admittedly, this probably falls into the realm of the “Dad Joke”, but we’re all dads here, so we like it!

Register for Blast Camp Today!

Online Registration for the summer of 2020 is now open! Sign up before 12/31/19 for Blast Camp or a regular session to receive the Early Bird Discount!