Exciting Updates for Our Traditional Program

Our Lady of the Fields Camp has a history of serving the Chaldean community in our area. Our commitment to maintain this special relationship continues as we grow and expand.

In the past, we have offered specific Family Camps, such as Father – Son and Mother – Daughter Weekends, exclusively for our Chaldean families. In 2019, these opportunities for you to experience our camp with your children will still exist.

The Chaldean-themed programming you have come to expect from Our Lady of the Fields will continue to be available. You will be able to participate in long-favorite activities such as cooking, baking, gardening, and language classes.

These activities and many wonderful others will be part of an overall program geared to families of all backgrounds. The devotion to the Blessed Mother is at the heart of all we do at Our Lady of the Fields Camps. We hope you continue to join us each summer!

What to Do Next

On our website , you will find specific program information about all our Family Camps in 2019. There are dates, costs, and activity descriptions. Just click on the Family Camp of your choice (Father – Son OR Mother – Daughter, ) in the menu above for details and to register.

We welcome your participation and any questions you have about all the growth happening at OLF. We are excited to share the joy we have experienced at our camp over the years with a much broader community!